Munich – City of rain and wind…

31 May 2013 – Now travelling at almost 300km on the SNCF train to Munich and watching the French countryside disappear at a fast rate to say the least.  Wide open fields of yellow flowers (possibly Rape – a bio fuel a scientist told me) and other legumes to feed the thriving masses of Paris.  Mind you, you would think by the amount of bread sticks ‘baguettes’ they eat, the country would be covered in wheat.  
Nice to see wide open space after the city for six days. Just past a lovely little canal and houses in the distance – beautiful rolling hills and lots of green dusted in bullshit rain.  We are very warm and comfortable in first class on the train – the only way to travel.  Nice reclining chairs, coat hooks, slide out tables and plenty of leg room.  Wish China East was as comfy. 

We arrived in Munich at about 6.00pm and met Steffie.  She was so excited, jumping out of her skin to see us.  Was just like we had never been apart and we were laughing and chatting like crazy from the first hug.  She is so skinny – wish I could fatten her up a little.  

She is very much the uni student with daggy clothes and a calico bag for a handbag.  Very worldy and doing very well at her studies – we are very proud of how she has turned out – a beautiful young lady.  Living with her boyfriend of three years Moritz who Alby and Ella met yesterday and said was nice.  I spent the day in bed nursing a foggy head from a cold/flu animal. Feel better today and are staying inside as it is very cold and wet outside and don’t need to be out in that muck.  Am going to buy some boots as soon as I can and probably rabbit fur socks – my feet freeze.

They all went to the Modern Museum and had some Bavarian food for lunch.  Then Steffie met us for dinner at the Italian restaurant down the road.  We are staying about 10km out of Munich as the hotels were all full with a conference in Munich.  It is very leafy and posh area.  Our host is a huge German man we nick named Autobarn (Otto his name we think).  He is lovely and showed us the photos of how this B & B started by his mum in 1964.  He makes a nice breakfast with a combo of German and western breaky stuff. Nice and comphy. 

Anyway, will post this short blog now and hopefully that will re-invite you all and you can see my other two blogs of Paris and Shanghai. 

Can you please leave me a comment or email me on to let me know if you can see them all. 

Kendall, Alby, Ella in Munich. xxxx

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