Salzberg – Apersol Spritzers and sleeping with batman…

We all just love Salzberg – who wouldn’t. Constant mountain views with shards of snow, old fortress, convent and monestry on the hills – and then there is the Sound of Music everywhere – or at least for us. 

The hills truly are alive. 

View from our apartment – not bad hey…

The old fortress above Salzberg.
On the first day we were making our way to the River and onto the old City and came across a food festival thing.  There were tents full of Italian cookies, wine, cheese, breads and more wine.  We stopped and had a plate of cheese and a couple of glasses of Italian Rose’ and it was very nice to stop and chat to some mad italians.  Two ladies came along dressed to the nines (we called one of them Wendy) as she looked a little like Wendy Woo and was very well dressed.  Her mate had a hat on and very smick.  We saw them a few times over the next few days which was funny – we would say – ‘here comes Wendy’.  She must have known the best spots to be seen – just like us…

We have been on a bus tour to the ‘Eagles Nest’.  The view was spectacular and there was still snow on the ground, but surprisingly warm.  No wind I guess to blow the cold off the snow.    It was Hitler’s conference building that he signed the final papers to end the war at.  He never slept there, just held 14 meetings there and that was it.  It was all built of stone blocks carted up a narrow road to the top of the mountain.  They then dug a 50m vertical tunnel from the road up to the top of the mountain that you now go up in his brass lined lift. He built it in 13 months working men around the clock in three shifts to be ready for his 50th birthday.  Eight poor buggas died, but nothing compared to thousands he gassed – he would have to be the original asshole I reckon.  
Set right on the top of the hill. Drops 1000’s metres on 3 sides

The highest point 

Not expecting snow was us – no jumpers – but not cold…

Even Honey Bears at Eagles Nest.

Jake Graham from Newcastle & Poss snow balling…

All of us in shiny brass lift – 37 of us.

The view – which is only a smidge of the 360 degrees views.

Look directly above this doorway and you will see the roof of Eagles Nest

Hitler, was a very strange cat, amongst other things, was claustrophobic so would only allow six people in the lift with him (it takes 37 normally).  It is highly polished brass so that it gives the illusion of being bigger than it was.  He was also terrified of heights, so why build a retreat on top of a bloody mountain.  As I said ‘weird cat’…

He lived in a house just down the hill from here but all the buildings he occupied or built for different purposes, were all bombed at the end of the war or torn down by the current government.  He apparently died in Berlin with Anna Braun – they gassed themselves before they got shot. 
The Tom Cruise movie Valcrym (not sure how it is spelt) was made there and is about the end of the war and how they tried to kill him.  There was a tour down into the salt mine as well.  I did it years ago but had forgotten and the tour chick didn’t tell us or else Alby and Ella would have done that as well. Jake has told Ella on facebook it was not as good as he thought it would be – so I guess no great loss.

We had lunch in a little village on the way down and we felt like something easy like a sanga so went to the deli that the tour guide said not to go.  Had ham and cheese rolls, two drinks, some dried apples (which are delicious here – still with red skins) some chocolate covered fruit – only a small bag and it cost 70 euro ($100).  I think we were done – but was a very nice ham and cheese roll even if rolled in gold. It is in the red roof of the awing.

While we munched our million dollar rolls, these two walked past. She took the cake for the ‘People Watching’ Award.  Do you think I should call Elle McPherson’s bra department and see if they can make something that lifts these puppies.

Thank god for the 50m zoom.  We were all laughing so loud, wonder she didn’t look at us. Think she was with her dad – or maybe a worn out husband????

Just across the road there was a cemetery I walked through after lunch. Very old graves but the saddest was the young men killed in the war – many in the last months of the war – such a waste of young lives.  Some on the same plaque as their fathers, also killed in WW2.  

We met a nice Aussie boy Jake from Newcastle who was very hung over, only about 22 and very friendly.  He had had a big night on the tequila with a bunch of other backpackers at the same music festival we were at.  Of course Poss was all eyes.  We chatted to him for ages.  He is bumming around Europe working a bit as he goes. He is off to Spain after here to run with the bulls.  Peer group pressure – said alot of his mates have done it, so he has to.  He had just finished a business degree so now Poss a little more excited about something like that after school. 

Mirrabel Gardens – Pegagus fountain in the Sound of Music
There are buskers everywhere when the sun is shining.  Must hide when it is wet.  

This old coot on the accordian was very good.  I’ll always give money for music, but the beggars on the street can get off their butts and try a bit harder than just putting their hand out.  Harsh hey, but you get sick of them harassing you.

Our visit to the Mirabel Gardens was so much nicer in Spring.  Rows and rows of flowers all about to burst into song.  All so neatly hedged.  The roses are out in force and were just magnificent.  This is ‘yours truly’ doing a similar ballet move to the statue.  I did ballet as a kid. A couple on a seat just next to this, killed themselves laughing, not sure why – rude buggas…

Check before you sniff says Alby – might be BEES!!!

View looking down the whole gardens to the fortress in the background.  Amazing.  Tried to wait for the streetie at the fountain to bugga off – but he was fishing for coins…

We walked around the old city of Salzberg and we found the original cemetery (the one in Sound of Music) and it was amazing.  We missed it last time and must have been outside the gates and not seen it because it was exactly where I remembered it to be. Took some great photos as the tombstones were so old and mossy and alot made of really ornate wrought iron.  They really care for their graves here in Austria. 

I remember years ago when I was having a white Christmas in the Tyrol at Bad Haring, there was a little graveyard where alot of people had come and gone from.  A young fella on a violin was playing Silent Night under a pine tree (covered in snow) and the graves all had red candles lit on top of them set amongst the white snow.  This is to remember their loved ones on Christmas Eve, the main night for celebrations for Christmas.  Was an amazing sight and atmosphere and a precious memory from many years ago.

I then went out and got hammered on schnapps and learnt the Polka dance by some delicious local boy… Oooh La La!!!!

This is some ball thing built in 1997 and no one seems to know why.  Just is so odd amongst all the old buildings and historical sights. No one wants it to stay there – so might disappear anytime soon. 

Found a nice restaurant near Mozart Square that did more asparagus dishes as their speciality this month.  Had the best steak (with asparagus) here. 
Anyone would think all we do it eat and drink, but we do also walk a thousand miles a day.

Had the last supper here too, but was pouring rain so was inside with the other folks. 

Then we did a horse and carriage ride through the city.  A lovely little Italian man took us and he told us about all the buildings and who lived there etc.  Nice way to spend an hour and see the good bits of the city.  We had done all the main sights last time – like the Sound of Music tour, The fortress and the old Monestry, so was happy to just relax this time and watch the people go by. 

Poss thinks her nails taste better…

The music and food festival thing on just where we were too so we had a few drinks while listening to some nice jazz music.  Shared a table with a physiologist and her husband – she was a bit stiff.  He was lovely so we chatted about life in Salzburg etc while having a few Aperol Spritzers.  They are an orange liqueur with wine and soda or champagne with a garnish of orange and a gooseberry sliced on top.  They are very refreshing and a bit sneaky as after three or four you feel a bit of a ping on. Would probably have made it a huge night if Poss hadn’t wanted to go back to the apartment.  I will certainly be giving them to you all at home – so be prepared. 

Our new BBQ for next to the pool for when you all Pop Over…

We also had another couple sit down and the husband was a nut.  He wanted to come to Italy with us and chatted for ages about different things in Salzberg. His name was Franz and his wife was Angie.  They were out with their son and his kids, so were having a great time.  Nice people. 

Our apartment this time in Salzberg was very nice.  It was on Airbnb which we love.  They are usually bigger apartments with their own facilities, so have booked the next week or so in them in Vienna and Prague. Freshly renovated and very comfy was this one.  Just in a dodgy spot next to the train station.   Yesterday, some lebanese girls were having a fight in the street below and a demonstration was going on as well as the normal street people doing their thing.  Alcohol is very cheap here, so most of them are wacked out of their trees for nearly nothing.  You can buy beer in the supermarket for less than a euro – $1.30. 

Mozart was born on this street (in a house)

King of wrought iron – it is everywhere…
Beautiful fountains galore – this is where the horses used to come to drink and swim  in years gone by…

On our last night, a storm that had been brewing all afternoon hit just as we sat down for dinner at a nice restaurant.  We ate and then asked the cabbie to take us to the bridge where hundred of padlocks are.  You lock on your padlock and then throw the keys in the river and make a wish.  In the pouring rain we did this. Will have to remember next time that it is on the Saches’ Hotel end on the right side after the first post in. No time for photos as we jumped back into the cab a huge bolt of lightning cracked overhead. 

Earlier in the afternoon we had a cup of tea at Sachar hotel and it was very quiet and we were a little disappointed.  Last time it seemed more posh.  But guess there has been global warming or something in the part three years. 

The taste of one fork full of Sasha Torte…

They gave us tea bags instead of the lovely pot of darjeeling we remember from last time.  Not nearly as snotty nosed either. But then again – global warming will do that to an attitude I guess…

Had best go, we are nearly in Vienna and ready for our next adventures.  Loving this first class train travel.  Have wifi on this one and a table – life in good in first class. Like they say – much better to cry in a BMW than on a pushbike….  Not that I am crying….

Oh – sleeping with Batman.  In the apartment, the vertical blinds were only made of strings, so the lights from the adjoining buildings were as bright as sunlight.  Alby pulled out his Gucci batman mask from Business Class on the plane and looked so funny snoring his head off.  I used ones that Gilda had given me and kept it on all night. Much to my surprise, it worked. 

Bye for now. 
Kendall, Alby and Ella on ekatravels…

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