Verona – verona, verona – let down your hair…

I think that was a different shakespeare story – Rapunsel.  Not the Romeo and Giulietta story that is what Verona is all about.

Touch her right boob and you’ll find true
love or something 

Another fantastic city where romance is the order of the day, or would be if not travelling with a teenager.  She has been brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed Verona.  We walked for miles to do that whole Giulietta and Romeo thang.  Her house was just around the corner from the hotel we ended up in (but thats another story) and her tomb was on the other side of town but we got lost and of course went the totally long way round.  No problemo – got to see more of city than most we think.

This is Giulietta’s bedroom – very small bed. 

The balcony of course….
Oh the Drama of it all….

Below – just above here is where there are thousands of padlocks.  So we did the padlock thing again. 

The photo below is lumps of chewing gum, chewed up and stuck to the wall. Disgusting.  Alby, ‘where’s my gurney’. 

Then, this is her tomb – quite a sad story it is really.  She found Romeo and then he went away and then he died so she killed herself.  I think that is the essence of it.  Not much chop really but I guess it can happen…

There is more to Verona than Giulietta but they capitalise on it alot really and that is cool.  Alot of nice churches and the river runs around the outside of it, so a nice old bridge with heaps of water gushing down.  Stacks of designer shops for Poss to saunter through – hope she finds a hugely rich Romeo. Or she might be riding one these….

Alby and I did our usual back street sniff around and came across some lovely restaurants and bars.  Some funky dress shops as well.  I know you think we are just going from one meal to the next but it is ITALY.  The food is amazing and so hard to resist. I have been trying to stick to vego meals a bit as the pasta is quite heavy but so delicious.  The bread not as good as Paris which is a blessing.  The wine, ooolll la law.  We shared dare I say three bottles of rose’ over dinner that went until 1.30 and included nearly everyone in a small restaurant by the end of it.  Was good fun of course and met some nice people, some of their names a blurr, but that is OK – it happens you know…

Love these kind of restaurants 

I would love to spend more time in Verona, just nice and inter-esting and stunningly well dressed men and women.  The natives dress very simply, but everything is very good quality.  The terros on the other hand are the tacky ones.  Plus it is so HOT.  It was supposed to be 34 but felt like 36 or more.  Like jan/feb at home and sticky.  But apparently that is not quite normal so was just our luck.  We packed up three huge boxes of our warm clothes and stuff we have brought along the way and sent them home on the slow boat.  If it gets cold, we are all stuffed and out shopping again for jackets, but don’t think so. 

Oh, the Post Office, what a debacle.  I walked in with one of the boxes and went to put it on a table in the corner.  Put it down and the whole bloody thing collapsed and fell into pieces.  So got that back together and then got served by a half english speaking lovely italian lady.  Then Alby started.  It was nearly 7.00pm and closing time and one of the girls was heading out the door, so he says – you’re off for an aperol spritzer aren’t you. She roared laughing and said yes – then he had the whole post office staff in stitches.  Thought we were all going out partying at one stage.   

Have had quite a few crack up moments. We all get the giggles and can’t stop. So very much fun this trip which is great. Not rushed, just having a nice time of it all.

Alby’s health has been great.  Legs have been better since Munich massage and all under control. It has been me with the issues, but all is good. 

The hotel – we had our first airbnb disaster which turned out to be my fault but we got a refund in the end so nothing lost except the extra money to stay at the Giulietta e Romeo Hotel right in the heart of Verona.  A few steps to the arena, a big arena thing that looks like the colosseum in Rome. I booked a dinghy two room apartment by mistake.  The host had two in the same building and somehow I booked the shitty one not the renovated nice one.  We all took one look and thought – no way.  So booked straight into luxury – as you do.  Oh well, was nice to be in the thick of it all in Verona. 

The last night, we had dinner at this restaurant on the river.  It was very nice.  You can just see our table with Ella and Alby at it on the end of the wall.  Best seat in the house and wasted on ‘no romance for you two’ says Miss Poss. 

Thats about it for Verona.  It really is just about the love story but also special in other ways, just tricky to pinpoint.  

The old fort which is now an art museum 

The arena thing.  

So from here, we hired a car, a Ford pint sized 4wd, like the Mitsubishi ASX. Manual and with the steering wheel on the wrong side.  We set up Giulietta (the navman/woman) and before we got out of the carpark, Alby had hit a sign and scratched the rear guard thing – ooops.  So we figure, that is our car accident for this trip and nothing else will happen now.  

Then getting through the toll gates was another ordeal, because no one told us what to do and the boom gate we went to was not working properly so thought we were never going to get onto the highway at one stage.  But eventually got it sorted and arrived at Lake Garda several hours later.  It is stunning here for scenery and the natives are very friendly – too bloody friendly and got me into strife last night.  Off to see Uncle George tomorrow in Lake Como which they say is much nicer than Garda.  So will let you know. 

Bye for now. 

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